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About Woodseats Musical Theatre Company

General Information

We are a vibrant, friendly company who have been performing since 1945 and pride ourselves on presenting first-class shows and concerts at local theatres and venues in Sheffield.  We work hard but also have lots of fun at rehearsals which we always think is very important to putting on a good show and everyone is given a friendly welcome, whether performers or production members. We also have various social occasions like BBQ’s, picnics in the park, theatre trips, Halloween parties, bonfire parties, etc and sometimes just parties for the sake of having a party!

Where we perform

The Montgomery Theatre & Arts Centre, Sheffield

Main Production

Performed during July from Wednesday to Saturday with a Saturday Matinee at The Montgomery, Surrey Street, Sheffield.

Concert 2_edited.jpg

Crookes Social Club,


Christmas Concert

Performed at the beginning of December from Thursday to Saturday with a Saturday Matinee.

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